Charlotte FiorinaCHARLOTTE MADADI-FIORINA was born in southern France, in a musical family. Even with three years she played the cello. Two years later, she learned piano and music theory. Charlotte won 1. and 2. Prizes at festivals in Paris, Lyon and Grenoble. At 16 she began studying at the Conservatorium in Rotterdam classical music with Mr. HERRE-JAN STEGENGA.

Since 2005, Charlotte-Madadi Fiorina lives in Germany.
It leads her studies with Professor TILLMAN WICK, head of the cello ensemble of the Music School Hannover continued.
She plays the Dilruba, an Indian stringed lute, and is active in various world music projects.

Arman SigarchiARMAN SIGARCHI grew up in northern Iran. His father, AHMAD SIGARCHI, composer, Santoor and Oud player, and his brother, ASHKAN SIGARCHI, a Santoor player, are renowned musicians in the classical Iranian music.

Since his childhood he played with master musicians such as OSTAD LOTFI and SHAHRAM NAZERI.

Misagh JoolaeeMISAGH JOOLAEE was born in a music-loving family in northern Iran. In his early years of the talented musicians first learned the Violin, later he decided to Kamancheh and Setar.

He is a master-disciple of the exceptional musician OSTAD KEYHAN KALHOR.

Jens EckertYOGENDRA-JENS ECKERT was born in Wolfenbüttel. At 16 he began playing Sitar, autodidact, then under the guidance of DARSHAN KUMARI at the RIPA School of Indian Arts in Amsterdam. Further studies followed in Sitar, Surbahar and singing with Dr. PUROHIT TRINA-ROY on Tagore Institute in Bonn. He was a pupil of the legendary Sarodvirtuosen ALI AKBAR KHAN and extended his studies with the sitarist and NIKHIL-BANERJEE-student PARTHA CHATTERJEE in Calcutta.

Since 1986 Yogendra gives private lessons for Sitar and is/was (a.o.) Lecturer at various institutions, gives workshops and courses for sitar and raga singing.

Szilvia CsarankoSZILVIA CSARANKO comes from a Hungarian family of musicians and has a classical training on piano. She is present in many musical worlds: jazz, salsa, folk, writes arrangements and plays accordion virtuoso.

She is (a.o.) member of the famous "indie-folk"-group
"A Glezele Vayn"

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