Instruction means to me to learn by myself.
I work gladly with children and young people.
The experience of the community of music strengthens its self-assurance and promotes the understanding between the cultures.

In auto-didactical learning-experience I discovered many connections between the music cultures. New systems supplemented old ones and old were revived in new ones.

So e.g. "Taketina", originally an age-old indian verbal note system, which finds nowadays application in modern Music-learning.
Single- & Group-Lessons
Drums and WorldPercussion,
Tabla and indian Singing with Harmonium,
Cello, Klavier Akkordeon,
Kamancheh and Setar

Orientalic Drumming with Singing,
Introduction in Indian- & Persic Music

Voice-Yoga with Mantra- and Bhajan-Singing

Advanced training for
Educator and Teacher

rhythmic Speech-Education
with Drums and Singing
Exhibiting-Conditions the CONTACT-Area

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