"Besides the art, the crown of creation,
there is no entity with stable foundation."

Persian Zitat
Shahang-Music is a creative
pool of virtuoso musicians
with different cultural and
musical backgrounds

Concerts in various formations:
Indian and Persian music,
Klezmer, Balkan, WorldMusic and Jazz

Intensiv-Courses / Workshops
Introduction in
Indian and Persian music-art,
oriental drums,

My name is KAVEH MADADI .
I'm multi-percussionist and singer.

In the GALLERY you can see the different Instruments, Concert- and Artist- Photos, or experience the sound of different Music- Styles in a selection of short Videos .

With many international PARTNERS I perform concerts and projects. We offer COURSES for beginners and professionals as well as workshops for groups and schools. Learn more about planned activities in the NEWS.

I appreciate your CONTACT-recording,
by telephone +(49)170-70 75 918 or by e-mail


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